Club MEETING SCHEDULE: 2nd & 4th TUESDAYS @ 6:00pm *

Next Meetings: January 12 & 26 | February 9 & 23 | March 9 & 23

Location: Point After Pub & Grille (7101 S. 76th Street, Franklin)

*Meeting schedule is subject to change due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Official Minutes of the Franklin Lions Club

The regular meeting was called to order on Date 12/08/20 by Lions president Lion Scott Coenen.

At 6:00 pm at The Point Afterwith those in attendance. 18 Lions were in attendance.

Minutes report: read by: Lion Gary Stankowski -----Motion made by Lion Gary Angus ---2ndby Lion John Stoll

Treasurer Report: to be tabled until next meeting Motion made by Lion Dave York Motion Seconded Lion Randy Kluth

New Business:

President Scott Coenen said Calendar raffle was going great --- most of the money has been collected

He also stated that 25 to 30 % of other lions clubs have not been meeting

We also received a membership satisfaction patch

Lion Scott would also collect dues at meeting or you could mail them to the Franklin Lions PO box

He also mentioned the Lioness were doing a fund raiser at O& H to give Kringle to Wheaton and

The fire and Police.___ Lion Dave York to check if he could get a better price at O & H

Lion John Stoll handed out pamphlets for a fund raiser for the CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation which was

Being held at the Point After on Wednesday Dec 9th

Ricky Scharr is going to Check on buying gift cards at Kwik Trip to help raise money for the club

Old Business: lion Walter Natynski made a motion to donate left over gift cards to the health department

2ndby Lion Dave Luttig ( approved by all members)

Lion Jeff Terp is to attend the Lioness meeting in February, because Lion Scott will probably have Covid

Sunshine: Prayers for Romey ____Marie Scharr is to be coming back to a Milwaukee facility, she is doing better

Rodger Buss is being moved to a nursing facility

Scholarship: applications are going out; the club is looking to hand out $3,000 this year

Nut sales: we are making more money than ever

Comm Betterment: we are sending $100.00 donation to the Wi Lions Foundation in memory of Lion Romey Denk

Entertainment: we are going to meet at the Point After at least through June

Nominations will happen in April

Club History: Walter Natynski determined to be the oldest Lion, Lion Gary Stankowski to be the smartest

Calendar: next meeting at Point after January 12th

Motion made to adjourn by Lion Dave York Motion seconded by Lion Dave Lindner (Approved by members)

Meeting adjourned at time: at 6:58

Franklin Lions Email List 9 19 2020.xlsx