Club MEETING SCHEDULE: 2nd & 4th TUESDAYS @ 6:00pm

Next Meetings: January 11 & 25 | February 8 & 22 | March 8 & 22 | April 12 & 26 | May 10 & 24

Location: Point After Pub and Grille (7101 S. 76th Street, Franklin)

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Minutes for October 12th meeting

The Lions meeting on October 12th, 2021 started 6:00pm with Lion President Scott Coenen presiding with 19 members

Minutes were presented on line by email motion to approve Lion Dave York 2nd by Lion John Rinzel

The Treasure report: Presented by Lion Dan Burns Motion made by Lion Walter Natynski 2nd by Lion Dave Luttig

New business: the nut sales will continue, trunk and treat will be October 21st at the Franklin Library 5:00-8:00

Someone suggested maybe the club should have a venmo account

Presidents corner : Lion President said the zone meeting would be November 17th at the Point After

He also said the appreciation dinner went well thanks to Lion Gary and Lion John, what did he expect

From the 2 best Lions in the club.

He also said the St Martians food pantry were looking for donations.

Old Business: Money needs to be collected from the sponsors of the calendars

Scholarship : N/A

Herda’s : N/A

Entertainment: golf outing was a huge success thanks again to Lion Scott and Lion Mike Hammer for all their help. We would like to see all members there next year

Community Betterment: $500.00 went to help the Eagle Scout with his project ($50.00 of it donated by the lioness)

Bags Tournament : N/A

District Convention : N/A

Calendar : the calendars are ready to sell, see Lion Dave Luttig after the meeting to get your calendars

The noon Lions are thinking about selling the calendars for a small $5.00 fee. The Lioness want no part of it.

Membership : Lion Dave Kreisel said he was in need of more fliers


Finance: N/A

St Martins Fair :

Easter egg hunt: N/A

Sports Raffle :

Announcements: N/A

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, by Lion Dave York @ 6:50 and seconded by Lion Mike Hammernik

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