About Our Club

We are 32 members strong serving the greater Franklin community in the following ways….

Vision: In the past year Franklin Lions have collected and donated 2,100 pairs of eyeglasses to help those with sight problems who cannot afford to purchase eye glasses.

Health Promotion: Franklin Lions Club members help with the City of Franklin Health Department during their Community Health Fairs

Community Betterment: Franklin Lions Club members conduct fund raising events throughout the year to support our Community Betterment Foundation. Community Betterment funds the needs of people and organizations in the greater Franklin area – such as purchasing hearing aids for those in need; providing reading assist devices for citizens in Franklin who have limited sight; assisting the Franklin Police Department to purchase, train and maintain canine officers; assisting the Franklin Fire Department to purchase lifesaving equipment for citizens in Franklin.

Sponsor the WI Children’s Burn Camp: Franklin Lions members help support the WI Burn Camp for children by collecting and selling deer hides during deer hunting season

Collectively the Franklin Lions Club members served 2,300 people last year