Lion Committees



Chair - John Rinzel

The role of the Entertainment committee is to plan and deliver meals to club members and guests during meetings in the park, to organize suitable facilities to host club meetings, and to plan any additional club meetings or gatherings, which may include members, spouses and guests. These can include, but are not limited to, holiday events or special occasion events as directed by the club board or the club.

Community Services

Chair - John Rinzel

The role of the Community Services committee is to identify, plan and staff for all non-requested events aiming to serve the community with no fund-raising components. Examples can include things like Music in the Park, July 4th Parade, or other service projects identified by the committee, the board or the club.


Chair - Gary Stankowski

The role of the Fundraising Committee is to identify, organize and staff all fundraising activities done by the club. This does not include major fundraising projects like the Labor Day Fair or the raffles, but does include projects such as the bags tournament.


Chair - Doug Bertram

The role of this committee is to run the clubs two major raffle projects, the sports raffle and the calendar raffle. This includes coordinating the printing of all materials, marketing and selling the raffles, collecting all funds, and paying out winnings.

Community Betterment

Chair - Mike Petershack

The role of this committee is to take requests for club funds from community members or groups, to carefully evaluate the merit of each request, and to make final decisions as to how much the club will fund or support each request.


Chair - Charlie Lomas

The role of this committee is to provide comfort and support to our fellow Lions and their families during times of illness or death. Typically this involves sending a card on behalf of the club to the member or family members, but can include additional measures based upon request from the committee and approval by the club or club president.

St Martin’s Fair

Chair - Rick Scharr

The role of this committee is to plan, organize and execute all of the required activities for the Labor Day Fair. There are three projects leads for this committee:

  • Parking - Mike Shawgo- This team is responsible for preparing the Herda’s property for parking during the fair, and to adequately staff the lot to ensure a safe and profitable fair.

  • Beer Tent - Jeff Terp - This team is responsible for coordinating the setup of all things required to run the beer tent, and to adequately staff the tent to ensure a successful fair.

  • Raffles - Marie Scharr - This team is responsible for / collecting all raffle items, organizing them into raffle events, and the staffing / running the raffles at the beer tent during the fair.

Membership / Nominations

Chair - David Kriesel

The role of this committee is to support the club’s efforts to find new members, to work with the new member sponsors to ensure that the sponsor and new member have the materials / information required to be adequately introduced to Lions, the Franklin club, committees and opportunities to service the community via the club. A secondary role of the committee is to follow up with club members who have not been to meetings in some time, and to work with the member to resolve any issues the member has so that the member can once again be a participant in the club.

The committee is also responsible for identifying and presenting to the club the next slate of officer candidates for the next term.

Marketing / Communications

Chair - Tom Lucht

The role of this committee is to market upcoming Franklin Lion’s events and to communicate with the public upon completion of events. Marketing and communications can be done via social media (ie. Facebook), as well as Lion’s platforms (ie. State newsletter, LCI websites, etc).


Chair - John Stoll

The role of this committee is to coordinate all aspects of the club’s scholarship program. This includes generating introduction letters, creating application forms, getting the materials to the schools that have eligible students, collecting the completed applications, selecting the scholarship winners, and presenting the checks to the winners.

District Conventions / Club History

Chair - Walter Natynski

The role of this committee is to communicate to the club members information regarding all Lion’s conventions, to encourage attendance, and to retain club history records and information to be a source to the club regarding the club’s history.


Chair - Dan Burns

The role of this committee is to collect budget requests from each committee chair, to prepare and present the annual budget proposals to the club board and the club members for approval and implementation.


Chair - Doug Bertram

The role of this committee is to identify and procure the necessary technology to successfully run the Franklin Lions club. This includes hardware, software, licensing and any other technologies as identified by the committee.

Herda’s Property

Chair - Rick Scharr

The role of this committee is to adequately oversee all aspects of supporting the Herda’s property.